Michael Phelps Pictured Smoking A Bong

British sensationalist paper “The News Of The World” has publish a photo of American Olympic swimmer & 8 times medalist at the Beijing games, smoking a bong. A bong is commonly used to smoke weed, grass or better said Marihuana. The photo was apparently taken last November at a University party & it is claimed that "The Greatest Olympic Athlete" got ripped, & has been before many a time.

The paper goes on to claim that Michael Phelps representatives offered to have the swimmer write & appear in the papers events for free, if they agreed to not publish the photo. This incident, if proven to be true, may end the sporting career of Phelps with sanctions & sponsorship withdrawals that could cost millions of dollars, not to mention a possible removal of his medals.

Lets hope not; let think that this is just pure sensationalism. I find this just hard to really believe.

Is this Phelps?

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