Oasis Leader Noal Gallagher Attacked On Stage In Toronto (Canada) - See Video

The lider of British Pop band "Oasis", Noel Gallagher was attacked - by fan or enemy - while onstage performing the track "Morning Glory". The attacker managed to step pass the heavy security & find his way onto the stage were he violently pushed the guitarrist to the floor. Don´t miss the reaction from singer & brother, Liam Gallagher who was ready to stick his boots in ...( see clip min 1,30).

After a few minutes of confusion & backstage panic, the band got back on to continue with their conciert as true professionals. It´s amazing how this grupo is constantly generating news, must be that their new album is soon to hit the streets in October.

Question: Don´t you think the video quality is too good to be taken from a simple fan at the right place & at the right moment?

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