The Economic Crisis: "The Bush Plan"

The cartoonist at "Time" Magazine has got it right & straight in the bulls-eye with his version of the bail out plan - "The Bush Plan" - to save the financial system. It´s ironic, the advocates of the free market & their reliance on the fact that the market "cleans" inefficient & wasteful agents by eliminating them due to their "irrational" behaviour, now come in & intervine to save precisely those the market should cancel out for it to be efficient.

If that´s not a mystery, the brokers & bankers have from years "robbed" the common man/women on the street, to see now public money save their ass. Quiet frankly it is a disgrace to see this happen & we - "common folk" - should not stand for this at all, even if it means a few hard years ahead. In fact, we are lending them money, right? Now the banks should pay an interest the borrowed cash to us, right? I bet we would see this...

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