Argentina: Commuters Set Fire To Train

Argentina is´nt exactly the richest country in the World. However, their people have a particular way of demostrating their anger when things do not exactly work or don´t run on time. They riot &/or destroy property ( their own property) that latter causes important economic loses, that they & the whole country will have to pay - more debt! It´s a clear sign that things are not going well economically, psychologically & socially at Argentina.

1ºst video just recently , 2º video back in 2007:

Commuters setting train on fire causing £4m in damage

“Furious commuters in Argentina set fire to a train over delays during the morning rush hour, incidents the government later blamed on leftist activists. Television images showed black smoke and flames engulfing the train at the station of Merlo, in the western suburbs of the capital, Buenos Aires”. (source Live Leak)

“(Raw video)on May 16th 2007 in Buenos Aires,Argentina,After a few weeks of disruption to trains departing and being late people vented their anger...fires were set and employees of the station were attacked. Argentinian riot squad entered the station shot tear gas grenades,used their batons and arrested several people” (source Live Leak):

Now we all understand why Argentina can´t lift itself.

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