Michael Phelps Gets His 7th Beijing 2008 Gold Medal - Losing To Cavic In The 100M Butterfly Final?

The World is praising MICHAEL PHELPS for equaling Mark Spitz 7 Gold Medals record in an Olympic Game, after being given as winner of the 100m Butterfly Final today ahead of Serbian Milorad Cavic.

However, his victory is clouded in controversy & doubt as it seems to everyone that the Serb Cavic touched ahead of Phelps. The Serbs protested & it was thrown back by the judges in favour of the Baltimore Shark.

But the images say something totally different. Either the judges are blind or the desire by everyone that Phelps break the long standing Spitz record has mesmorized blind everyone. There exits doubt.

Above photo: Cavic (left) touches ahead of Phelps

Above: Cavic (bottom) touches ahead of Phelps.

Looks obvious from the pictures that Phelps has come in second & that will put doubt on the merit of his record for history. Perhaps the great Champion should go public & comment that the result is controversial. At least I hope so, it will make him evn bigger & the legend will be even greater.

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