Ara Abrahamian Throws Away Olympic Bronze Medal

Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian is pissed off after - in his opinion - the judges wrongly made decisions in his semi-finals clash, thus leaving him with a bronze medal. His reaction? To throw his bronze medal away on the floor...sore loser, perhaps?


Madeleine said...

Ara did the right thing! He stood up for what the olympics really should be about: Every athletes right to a FAIR chance to compete.

The judge robbed him of that. And FILA doesn't allow anybody to protest against the judges decision. The swedish coach asked the judges to look at the video sequence, and show what the swede did wrong. But they refused to do so, even though the coach had the right to ask them to.

And of course FILA will not do anything about the judges, especially since the FILA chair man is cousin with the main judge in Abrahamians match.

Abrahamina wouldn't have complained if he had lost the match because of bad wrestling on his part, but to lose because of a judge who obviously hadn't read the rules and probably was bias. (He is half italian, the chairman of FILA is all italian. So is the gold-medalist.... strange don't you think?) And all the explanations from FILA has so far been just bogus. So I understand Ara Abrahamians reaction. I think he did the right thing, now at least the whole thing got attention.

Frank said...

Your opinion is totally respected


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