Iranian Cleric Replies To Hilary Clinton Statements. Internal Political Marketing?

The still competing & active Democratic Party candidate for the US Presidency, Hilary Clinton, made a "heavy" statement when asked about her reaction to a hypothetical attack by Iran on Isreal if she was the President. Here is her answer, & the counter-response from the Iranian autorities, via an "official cleric":

Sounds frightening, does´nt it.

However, it maybe a tactic or a strategy to show that the lady has "balls" & that the "common" American citizen ( not to mention the importnant & powerfully influencial Jewish community & lobby in the US) can trust her to do the job in tough moments. In order words, it looks like home focused marketing. From the Iranian side, they don´t mine either, as the outside "enemy" is just what the doctor ordered to keep the local population under control & away from any democratic desires. Here too it maybe considered local marketing.

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