Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty Play With Pet Mice - How Nice

As the wise saying goes..."Birds of a feather, flock together". Not only in company, but apparently also in their love for animals, in this particular case for pet mice. Here we can see Pete Doherty act as camara man & tapes Amy Winehouse ( & a friend) enjoying the pleasures of their mascots.

This is obviously normal behaviour, dont you get together & film yourselves playing with mice? If not, you should, its all the rage between music stars. Seeing your adored by millions of young fans & given Grammy & Brit Awards, the following scenes are also very normal & very cool:

Every individual has a right to do what he /she pleases in the privacy of their home or intimate surroundings...I particularly dont care what you do, but I found this on "Youtube". Please, someone help these people before its too late.

*The video maybe removed at anytime, dont be surprised


Raymond said...

Hi Frank,
Very worrying indeed. They look like they need help, but again as you say, one must respect what each does with their life. Wasted talent.

Anonymous said...

Freaki & disturbing