US Vice-President Dick Chaney´s Sun Glasses - Just Fishing Around

At first look, these photos- taken during a fishing trip in the US state of Idaho - appear harmless. Dick Cheney shows his "cowboy" smile with a pair of "cool" sun glasses covering his eyes. However, it's not the smile that's raising eyebrows on blogs across the Internet, but the strange reflection in the dark sunglasses. A naked women? Never seen a trout enjoying the sun on the fishing boat that big, with arms & with breasts! Perhaps he fished a mermaid, how lucky!

Here is another photo.

One can never dismiss the ... "old photoshop trick", but what can I say, & excuse the punt, it looks awefully fishy!


Anonymous said...

Is´nt it a guy?

Anonymous said...

Its a fishing rod!!!

Look closely, an arm with a hand holding a fishing rod with real.