A Tribute - Romario De Souza Faria Retires At 42

Brazilian Football (Soccer) leyend ROMARIO has announced at the age of 42 his definate retirement from football as a player, but as the saying goes..."you may take Romario out of Football, but not the Football out of Romario". I am sure he will continue in some way connected to the sport as a Coach, Commentator or National Squad selector.

I personally, as an ex-football player & "fanatic" of this sport make this small tribute here & give my thanks to a player that was one of the greatest goal square experts & goalscorers in Football History - a persoanl opinion - as his 1002 goals add weight to the opinion.

Thank you Romario, thank you for your goals, the joys & best of luck with the future.

I leave you with a video of the magic, the grace & the class. It will be a long, long, long time before we will again see this level. Watch his goals:

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