Schism (The Video): A Response To The Geert Wilder Film, "Fitna" - How Easy It Is To Manipulate The Word.

A Saudi Arabian blogger, Raed AlSaeed, has responded to the short film, “Fitna” filmed by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, with his own version, taken from the Biblical point of view. His short film is titled “Schism”.

The blogger follows the look & feel of the Geert Wilders short, using excerpts from the scared texts (in this case the Bible) & mixes them with images, to prove that the written word can be taken out of context , be distorted & manipulated to suit ones needs.

This point is important as AlSaeed wishes to make it clear that his response & short is not an attack on Christian beliefs at all, but solely a demonstration that the manipulation of the message is easy. Here is the video “Schism”:

This short has been banned in Saudi Arabia by authorities because of its images. I doubt that this version will be banned by the current Web sites it has been uploaded. If so, it would be hypocritical , if we defend & use the liberty of expression arguement as the pilar of "our"modern Western society.


Muslims Against Sharia said...

Death Threats Counter: Fitna vs. Schism

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