Kobe Bryant & Tv Ad Car Stunt… Nice, But Irresponsable

It’s a high ranking viral video at the moment. LA Lakers Basketball star Kobe Bryant does a stunt in which he succeeds. It looks like a set up, that is, image & film technology have worked to make it look real. As the start of the video shows it’s all part of a systematic viral marketing campaign to call the attention, as it is doing at this moment.

Fine, that’s Ok, business & promotion do what they got to do. What worries me is that this may influence the younger kids to attempt to emulate their hero in action & they may not have the same successful results. Kobe Bryant isn’t stupid to risk his life like that, but the young kids may not know it’s a fake. It shows a bit of irresponsibility from the sportswear brand, Nike, & from Bryant in doing this type of video & advertising. Lets hope nothing happens in the real life to someone experimenting with this stunt that will come back to haunt the protagonists.

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