Is This For Real? The "Smell Your Dick" Video. Hip Hop or Taking The Piss?

I don´t know if this is for real, a take the piss stunt or an actual full out music song doing the circuit. Actually I can´t believe it as I am pissing myself with laughter.

A women suspects that her guy is cheating on her & solicitates that he allow her to smell his dick as evidence. You read right! To add to it all here is a video of the song & in its hip hop/rap version.

(OFFICIAL) Riskay Feat. Aviance and Real - Smell Yo Dick

Looking at the "heavy" guy in the clip, who in the hell would want to smell his knob? You would have to be crazy, just look at the dude. The question maybe, would his girl be able to find it. Crazy stuff man, where are we heading to...?

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