I'm F*cking Obama - By Hillary Clinton (Video)

It all began in the US of A with its TV show presented by Jimmy Kimmel a well known comedian. His collaborator & "girlfriend", fellow comedian Sarah Silverman confesses that she has been unfaithful via a video were she sings that she´s been F*cking actor Matt Damon.

Jimmy Kimmel gets his revenge in the next programme showing that he has also been unfaithful, with his video F*ucking with another actor Ben Affleck. Needless to say, both videos on "Youtube" were smash hits & had millions & millions of visits.

With this in mind a new "mashup" has appeared on "Youtube" using the above arguement, but this time applied to Hillary Clinton who expresses her doings with Barrack Obama. Funny, but expected at the sametime, however check it out, its a good laugh:

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