Heavy Rock Group Metallica Consider Releasing Tracks Free On The Internet - F*ck Off!

Here is a headline from theMelbourne (Australia) newspaper "The Age", also picked up by the rest of World media:

Metallica may join the free music movement” (The Age)
by Asher Moses - April 28, 2008 - 3:15PM

Asher goes on to add:

“Metallica, among the most ardent crusaders against online music file sharing, have indicated they might follow Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead in releasing tracks for free over the internet.

Metallica were one of the first bands to sue people for copyright infringement and attracted scorn from internet users for helping shut down the peer-to-peer downloading tool Napster”

“…Lars Ulrich (drummer), famously showed up at Napster's headquarters in 2000 brandishing the screen names of 335,000 people the band said had been illegally downloading its songs, demanding the company block those users”
(The Age).

You need to have some nerve to now expect your fans, the same ones you wanted to take to court, & ask that they now download your music for free. Metallica should be asked to return in the form of an economic compensation to the Napster people (& the rest of fans) all the damages they caused back in 2000 & the lawsuit that shut them down.

It’s very hypocritical & a shameful announcement from the metal band. What the fans should tell Metallica now is to stick their album up their own ass & for free.

Here´s a video that took the piss out of the band during their crusade against file sharing & Internet downloading. They considered people (their own fans) who downloaded music as virtual crimanals!

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