Charlton Heston Dies at 83. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

American actor Charlton Heston has died at the age of 83 at his Los Angeles home. The Ocscar winner for the film "Ben Hur" in 1959 was diagnosed an Alzhheimer type disease in 2002 that eventually took his life. The also National Rifle Association President defended the right of Americans to bear arms according to the 2º amendment of the constitution, mixing this with racist & fascist arguements & racional that put the man in the extreme right wing ( from an outside the US point of view). Goodbye & good riddens many may say, I guess that for the victims & family members of gun violence they will not miss him at all.

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun" maybe a suitable header of his tumbstone.

Michael Moore Charlton Heston interview from Bowling For Columbine


Sailorcurt said...

Let's see.

He was 84 years old. During that 84 years, he served in the Army during WWII, Was the president of the Screen Actor's Guild, Marched and campaigned for civil rights in the 60's (but he's a racist, right?), Raised two kids and was married to the same woman for 64 years...but the one thing you deem noteworthy was the fact that he supported gun rights, was the President of the oldest civil rights organization in the US (the NRA) and was ambushed by a smarmy propagandist as a result.

And it's not good enough for you to just disagree with him about gun rights, you must malign his character and sully his memory.

I'm not prone to spurious personal attacks, but you, sir, are a piece of shit.

Frank said...

Thanks for the personal attack, as you say "I am not prone to spurious persoanl attacks, but you, sir, are a piece of shit".
You contradict yourself, understand why you admire the man.

Thanks for the comments, I maybe a shit to you, but Im tolerant to all views.

Carol said...

Your the shit! Firstly you must be a gun hoo supporter & must sleep with your gun in the bed. It must be the substitute for your small brain.

You can fair your voice, & racional, but keep your crap to yourself without insulting people, you have just showed us your bird feathers, a facist non tolerant pig.

Frank, I wouldnt even debate with this scum , local americans ( thoses who never travel) dont even know what the outside world looks like nor are they interested or conscient that those elsewhere may not share there views.

Fuck you, & fuck Heston

Sailorcurt said...

Apparently I was unclear. I didn't contradict myself.

The implication in my statement was "I'm not prone to personal attacks, but in the case of someone who would unjustifiably malign and besmirch the memory of someone so recently deceased, I'll make an exception."

My statement actually wasn't even so much an "attack" as pointing out the obvious.

Now, had I commented upon something of which I have no knowledge (say calling you a fascist, or assuming that you've never traveled and "don't know what the outside world looks like" would be more of a "personal attack."

The irony of you defending your unjustified attack on Charleton Heston's memory based upon your intolerance for his views by asserting your "tolerance" is astounding.

So...what you're saying is that you're tolerant of everyone except those with whom you disagree?

I don't think "tolerant" means what you think it means.

Earl said...

I see that the departed are only going to be honored for their life in Heaven, for those little people on Earth can't see beyond their own pettiness. Ah, well, too many words wrung out wrong don't make an opera.

Rustmeister said...

Curt, you're so gun-hoo. =)

Boyd said...

Your intolerance and disrespect reveal your true character, Señor Rodriguez. You claim to be one type of person, but your actions reveal you to be completely different from what you claim.

So my question is, are you just lying to everyone else about what kind of person you are, or are you lying to yourself, too? From what I've read, I suspect I know the answer to that question, but you could prove me wrong (and I would be happy about that).

Frank Rodriguez said...

Oh, been out 5 hours & so much controvesy. Carol, thanks but no thanks for the hand,not needed. Everyone here can express want they feel, some use insults because thats how they express themselves, others just read what they wish, thats Ok as well.

For, Sailorcurt, I lived in the US 3 years, I see that your a pro -gun man, thats fine.

For Boyd, dont know what you mean, however, your free to think what you wish.

Thanks everyone for your comments, I´m moving on to another issue, & for those not happy, dont comeback, there are many other sites to make you happy


Sailorcurt said...

What a coincidence. I lived in Spain for three years. In fact my Son was born there.

Rota to be exact, but we traveled pretty extensively while there.

Don't particularly care for the social policies or government, but enjoyed my stay thoroughly. The Spanish are wonderful, kind and caring people.

Or at least they were over 20 years ago when I lived there. Times change.