"Boston Legal" Vs The Supreme Court. More Than Just A US TV Series

We are slowing getting parts/some programmes of the American TV series in Spain, "Boston Legal", but it loses a lot in the translation. However, the base & the concepts are unaltered & the show is brilliant. Surfing the Web, I have come across this great extract video of the speech the character Alan Shore gives to the Supreme Court while defending his client ( an accused mentally retarded person) from the death penalty in one of the episodes.

Apart from the excellent acting & script writing (which alone is worth the watch), it hits hard at the current political environment not only in the US, but unfortunately a trend happening in Spain as well: the serving of the Justice Institutions in the name of political & business interest. As rightly pointed out by Alan Shore´s speech, Justice is now increasingly defending other causes, rather than what it originally was meant to protect: liberty, justice, free speech... for the people (the mayority), in an unbiased fashion ruled by rationality & the facts. I dare say that something must be going wrong if the message can only be expressed by a TV show & through a fictional character named Alan Shore.

Its worth the view, as I suspect the script message is not all US based, by what I am witnessing in Europe the trend is expanding onto other democratic nation states.

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