Amsterdam. Holiday "Mecca" Of The Young & Young At Heart

The city & Capital of Holland, Amsterdam, has long attracted the young adventurer in search of new sights, sounds & extra sensory stimulus. The country´s flexible laws & tolerant culture makes it a pioneer nation in many social aspects that grabs the attention of the World youth & stimulates their curiosity. Apart from the fantastic museums, the water way canals, the bicycles, the markets, food opportunities & of course, their wonderful open citizens, Amsterdam is better known for sex & its coffee - pot selling - shops.

Its obvious, that these two last mentioned aspects are the prime attractions for any hormone imbalanced teen-young traveller ( or imbalanced mature man as well if pushed) & a visit to Amsterdam is part of a "have to do it before I..." list. Well seeing that it´s the case & doing the evil bits with be compulsary, whether you agree or not, getting the right information is a help & thus here are two videos that may interest future travellers to Amsterdam.

The first is a video on the famous Red Light District so you can get a grasp of what you will be seeing. If the hormones are ramped, it could be dangerous:

The second is a video on how to go about to score some smoke, its legal, no need to whisper & keep looking around your shoulder. Just be carefull with the potency of the stuff & have fruit juices handy for the sugar level decreases & enjoy the music played by the Djs at buying shops.

Having said this, I recommend highly that you don´t stay "stoned" forever & move about to visit the Vicent Van Gogh museum, The Heineken Beer Factory & its Tour, ride a boat through the canals, grab a bicycle & ride the city , go shopping at the markets, visit the great House/Trance nightclubs & talk with the wonderfull Dutch people.


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