5 Easy Ways To Save The Planet

Found this interesting & educative video on "YouTube"; an ecological touch:


Rafy said...

BLOKE! ahahahaha that word is always so funny. He forgot one thing though. BIOheat. How about all us oilheat users. He could have mentioned how, if every oilheat user switched over to a biodegradable B5 blend, we would conserve about 400 million gallons of oil, therefore, producing close to zero emissions, and helping eliminate greenhouse gases. maybe he should have gone here: to get his info. Hahaha oh well, what can we do now. Poor ol' Super Bloke. hahaha It's still funny.

Frank said...

Hi Rafy,
Glad you had a laugh. Excellent observation. Hope to see you in more with your valuable contributions

The blogger bloke :)