1960 - 1970: The Decade

The decade of the Sixties is considered by many as the most creative & revolutionary period of the 20th Century. It gave us 10 years of explosive agitation that shook the foundations of those living at that moment to set up a new course in which we are still following. A period of turbulence, hate & war existing alongside innovation, reconciliation & peace, a time of indivual shouts for freedom and expression from a restraining society & a conservative past.

More info & detail on the decade can be found here in this link , meanwhile I have come across this interesting video that summarizes ( in its particular way) the decade with a slightly "violent" slant. You may find things missing given the creators chosen theme, which maybe understandable, because so much happened between 1960 to 1970 that any short video would find it nearly impossible to highlight everything, however cheerful it all was as well. Perhaps there will be a Part II soon, from the other side of the coin, meanwhile...

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