Post Human Evolution, It´s Already Started. "Did You Know 2.0" Video & the "Second Life" Avatar

Its a video thats been on "youtube" for sometime that leaves your mouth open & makes you
wonder that somehow 60 - 70% ( my estimate) of the World is missing the progress train. Technology & computer processing, via "Moore´s Law", is advancing so fast that humans are not able to fully grasp the implications of it all before another leap takes place, thus causing the sensation of chasing after a train in a station that has just left. The below video, "Did You Know 2.0" is worth watching, it predicts that by 2049 a table PC capacity will be greater than the whole human race. Take a look;

The lastest new is that engineers from the "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" have placed an avatar in the virtual world "Second Life" with the ability for reason of a four year old child, . That is amazing & scary at the sametime.

If the existential problem has haunted the human race since it first knew it could think & therefore die, this sets up a whole new scenario, possibilities & questions that go far beyond our cuurent thinking, moral, ethical, philosophical & scientific way of viewing the Universe. The only ones who will not be surprised at all will be the next generation who are now sitting & riding the train destination future.

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