Barrack Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union'

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I think we have a milestone speech here, a masterly way to grab the "bull by the horns" & just explain. I´m follwing this from Spain, I´m not mixed up with the local emotion & perhaps have a less distorted view.

I was critical early on with Barrack Obama, but after hearing this I feel & believe that he will be the Democratic Party candidate for the 2008 Presidencial elections. Hillary Clinton now looks outdated & irrelavent somehow.

To end, the brilliance of the Obama campaign is the cunning & excellent use of the Web, the Web 2.0, to get the message out, to get to the young people & to get to the World, just look at me writing this post. The Obama team has embraced & taken upon themselves the full power of the
digital instruments to given themselves the image of being an element of now, right here, with a view into the future. Effectively the campaign is about building hopes, its creating a road map that everyone, all Americanas can read & see were to go.

This speech is more than race issues, although it´s all there, this speech is about building the future, & that is what people need, leadership.

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