Argentine Football 2008: River Plate - Arsenal Game Violence

Nothing like a pleasent afternoon with the family to go & see a relaxing game of Football, & with some luck see your team win & score some great goals.

Siete heridos y dos arrestados en el River Plate-Arsenal - kewego

This is Argentine Football, in yesterday game between River Plate & Arsenal. About some 500 River Plate ultras ( "Barra Brava") attacked rival fans with the final result of 6 injuried & 2 arrested. Lucky to have so low numbers in injuries & increible to only see just 2 arrested.

Terrible scenes, that need to be erradicted from Football & all sports. Authorities, along with the clubs, must take action, but it seems that to do so is more easier in some nations than others. Think twice about taking the kids to an Argentine game, or for that matter, going yourself.

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